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One More Option; Excel Bitcoin Calculators

There are many freely available Bitcoin calculators you can use online. They are made available by exchanges, Google, and even crypto publications like Coinruptive.

These are standard, or one fit all kind of Bitcoin calculators. And you can get them built for currency conversion, mining, and estimating overtime income from investing in Bitcoin.

But did you know that you could create a Bitcoin calculator on excel to help you make the kind of investment calculations you want?

Yes, you could. However, many of the Bitcoin calculators are challenging to make on excel. In particular, those that need live feed data from sources such as exchanges are difficult to pull off.

In fact, you have to input all the data manually for the calculator to help you. 

For example, if it is a currency conversion you need, you have to manually feed the calculator with both the exchange rate and the amount you want to convert.

With that stated, a Bitcoin calculator on excel is possible because of the formula feature of the application. 

Does a Bitcoin calculator on an excel application offer any advantage?

For the most part, the freely available Bitcoin calculators on the internet can meet most of your needs effectively.

They are also convenient because you do not need skill and knowledge in addition to what you have regarding trading. 

Indeed, very few people can create a simple calculator on excel. While most of us using it regularly, the application is very technical when it comes to creating intricate formulas that automate processes behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, an excel Bitcoin calculator may provide you with room to create something that takes care of very unique needs you might have as a Bitcoin trader or investor.

For people who do not know how to work with excel, you have two options, if you are convinced it is what you really need.

One is to find a nice template that meets most of your specific needs online. You can download and save it on your desktop. 

If you prefer using cloud-stored documents, then you may consider using a template on Google spreadsheets.

Whether it is on your desktop or Google Drive, you may need to customize the excel calculator. Of course, that depends on whether you have the necessary skills. Otherwise, you may have to use it the way it is.

For a template on Google spreadsheets, you need to create a copy on your own drive. And that is because you cannot edit the original copy stored on the creator’s drive.

A simple copy-paste works, and once you have a copy on your own Google Drive, you can make the changes you want and start using it.

But how do you choose the best template?

Of course, when you Google, you are likely to be faced with so many options. The first thing to consider is who the creator is. 

An established firm or an expert crypto trader is always more likely to produce a template that works better than what you get from a source you cannot verify.

Then you should carefully examine the excel Bitcoin calculator to figure out if indeed it meets your specific needs. 

The second option you have if you cannot create an excel Bitcoin calculator yourself or get a template that works for you is to hire someone who can help you create one. 

Ideally, it should be someone with in-depth knowledge in crypto trading, in addition to having excellent excel skills. 

You may consider visiting freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork to find someone who can do this for you.

Indeed, excel provides an extra option when you are looking for a bitcoin calculator to use in your investment endeavors.