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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the enigmatic figure behind one of the most important advances in modern technology, Bitcoin. The only problem with Nakamoto is this: nobody knows who he actually is. Satoshi Nakamoto is the code-name for the person or persons behind the Bitcoin Protocol. As the Bitcoin founder, there is no doubt a very real public interest in finding the person behind the name. Unfortunately, Nakamoto’s commitment to secrecy has thus far held up. While we cannot point to a specific figure and honestly proclaim that they are the person who created Bitcoin, we do have some background information that may help to push us in the right direction.

Satoshi: The Hidden Face Of Bitcoin.

If we want to find out who Satoshi is, we have to start from the very beginning with the facts as we know them. While there are very few details relating to who invented Bitcoin, there is some solid information floating around the web for us to analyze. In order to do that, we have to go back in time to November of 2008 in order to read the Satoshi white paper.

The Satoshi Nakamoto Paper was published in 2008 and it was titled, ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. This abstract paper helped to lay the groundwork for what would eventually become the birth of cryptocurrency. Satoshi would stay involved with Bitcoin for years, albeit from the shadows, before deciding to hand the project over to Gavin Andresen in 2010. By the time that Satoshi had left the project, watching the Bitcoin price climb higher and higher had become almost commonplace.

Operating from the shadows during the heyday of Bitcoin meant that Satoshi Nakamoto himself was never publicly identified. The details that were released pertaining to Satoshi were relatively scarce and simple. Here is what Satoshi himself has released to the public, though there is no guaranteeing that this information is accurate.

Satoshi is Japanese and was born on April 5th, 1975. No gender was ever assigned to Nakamoto and as far as is publicly known, no gender can be accurately assigned. We also know that he mined many BTC blocks during the early days of the currency and that his fortune could be worth more than $1 billion dollars.

Finally, we know that the last message that Nakamoto posted, before vanishing for good, was that Satoshi Nakamoto was moving on to “other things”. The inventor also stated that as far as who owns Bitcoin, nobody could do better than Gavin Andresen. That was it, the last time that Satoshi Nakamoto ever publicly spoke.

Who Are The Current Suspects?

As the founder of blockchain technology, Nakamoto changed the internet as we know it and there is no telling what the future has in store. Due to the impact that Satoshi had on the computing world, sleuths around the world are putting together hints and clues in order to find out who Satoshi actually is. Here are a few of the candidates for being the face behind the Nakamoto code-name.

1. Nick Szabo – Szabo is one of the most common suspects that you’ll run into when researching Satoshi Nakamoto. Szabo is considered one of the forefathers of cryptocurrency thanks to the paper he published on ‘bit gold’. Researchers have used textual analysis in order to link Szabo to the secret identity.

2. Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto – A Japanese-American man currently living in California, Dorian Prince grabbed headlines everywhere when he ‘mistakenly’ seemed to claim credit for Bitcoin. While his full name is a match for the forefather of cryptocurrency, Prentice has since backed off from being tied to computing icon.

3. Hal Finney – If you’ve ever wondered, Finney is probably the first person to ever search for a way to convert Bitcoin to USD. The reason? Finney was the first person to EVER receive Bitcoin. Finney received his BTC via a transaction when ‘Satoshi’ sent ten coins to Finney as a test of the system. Finney has since passed away.

4. Michael Clear – Clear is one of the most commonly attributed individuals behind Satoshi’s name. Clear was picked out after Joshua Davis, from The New Yorker, performed extensive textual analysis on Clear. Clear is a cryptography student from Dublin Trinity College and he has repeatedly denied being the mysterious inventor.