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A Detailed Guide for Crypto Advertising and Marketing

So you’ve spent a lot of time designing, developing, and fine-tuning your crypto or blockchain product.

For all intent and purposes, you think it is perfect and ready for the market.

Crypto Marketing & Advertising For Brands

But then, hardly anyone is giving it attention. You aren’t onboarding any users.

You’ve even probably started to doubt if the market needs it. 

Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that what you’ve built might likely never have a market demand. It happens many times. 

But it is also most likely that what you have built is precisely what millions of people desperately need.

Possibly what is happening is that they don’t know that it exists.

Yes, they not only need you to inform them that it exists, but they also need to be persuaded that, indeed, it can solve their problem and make their lives a lot better.

And that is where advertising and marketing come in.

Indeed, advertising or marketing your product is as important as its creation. 

You can have the best solution for a market, but if your marketing strategy sucks, all the effort you put into building it will go to waste.

There are indeed many solutions of mediocre quality that have had huge market successes because the teams behind them executed the marketing very well.

crypto advertising marketing

In this guide, we cover all aspects of cryptocurrency advertising and marketing projects, startups and solutions.

But before we get to the different forms of advertising cryptocurrency products and brands, we have to start with the basics. 

The foundation.

First, you need a working landing page

There is probably nothing worse in crypto marketing than driving traffic to your website and then not being able to convert it. 

It is especially essential to convert the traffic you generate because it costs money, time and a lot of effort.

It is for this reason that I thought we should start this guide by first understanding what a landing page is and how to create one that converts.

It would be useless to learn all the best tricks for crypto advertising and marketing, but not how to convert the traffic you attract. 

It would be like setting up an extensive and robust solar panel system on your roof but then forget to install an efficient inverter to convert the DC power the solar panels generate into the AC that is useful inside your house.

The conversion rate from the traffic you get from ads, organic and other sources can never be 100%. Not even online marketing gurus achieve that. 

However, if you do everything right with your crypto advertising, you can manage a conversion rate of 20% or 30%, which is often good enough. 

Before we look at what you need to do to make your landing page highly efficient, let’s answer this question; what is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page where the traffic first lands when it gets to your brand’s website.

The page is supposed to persuade your leads to take the next critical step. That step could be to create an account, join your email list or buy a product.

Often a landing page provides the final push to have a lead reach out for their wallet and get out a credit card to make a purchase.

Now let’s look at what you need to do to make your landing page highly efficient:

Have your landing page achieve only one goal. 

Avoid your landing page doing multiple things.

And that is what happens when it is not very clear in your mind what you want it to do; it attempts to do several things and ends up doing nothing at all.

Before you begin creating your landing page, ask yourself, ‘what is the sole purpose of this page?’

A possible could be ‘I want the lead to give me their email address so that I can use it to build more trust before I make a sales pitch later.’

Make it short and snappy

You should start building your landing page with the understanding that people have very short attention spans. 

If they can’t figure out what benefit the landing page is promising to deliver within 5 seconds, you’ve lost them.

The instant they land, you need to quickly tell them what you are providing, how that makes their lives better, and what they need to do to get it.

And have on the page only what the lead needs to move to the next step. The shorter, the better.

Convey three key benefits (not features). 

Three, because of the power of the rule of three in persuasion

What is the difference between features and benefits?

A benefit is an experience a user gets because of a feature. 

For example, being able to trade on multiple crypto exchanges on a single interface —if that is what you offer— is a feature, but living a financially secure life, because of it, is the benefit. 

It should be easy to read and follow 

If there is one copy you should write like you are writing for a third grader, it is your landing page. 

The smallest amount of mental effort your lead has to put in to understand what you mean is enough to have them bounce out.

It should be both grammatically and factually accurate, but simple to follow. 

Have a clear call to action

After telling the lead the sweet deal you are offering them, tell them what to do next for them to claim it.

For example, if you are giving them free software to automate some aspects of their crypto trading, tell them to provide you with their email address so that you can give them access.

Indeed, everything on the landing page should culminate in the visitor taking a particular action.

So if you don’t ask them in clear terms to take action, then you’ve failed.

I repeat; a landing page should have a clear and well-defined call to action (CTA).

Show social proof. 

This is one of the eight principles of persuasion according to the marketing guru Robert Cialdini—if you haven’t, you should read his books, in particular, ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.’

As humans, we are wired to do what others have done before us. We prefer beaten paths because they promise us stability

Say we have to choose between opening an account on an exchange that has 50 people using it and another with 100,000 users.

Most of us will choose to open an account where 100,000 other people have already opened accounts.

But social proof is not just about the numbers. 

Sometimes it is just enough to show that at least some people have used your solution. One user is always better than none.

It, therefore, helps to post on the landing testimonials, videos of people using your solution, and case studies of success stories. 

Create a sense of urgency 

Cialdini calls this the principle of scarcity. 

People are more persuaded to take action if they think they have limited time, or there is a limited supply of the items on offer.

So if you are issuing tokens, for example, emphasize that the supply is limited. 

And you can make sense of urgency even better by having, on the landing page, a countdown to a deadline.

Use photos or a video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video a lot more thousands.

You must get the best images to show the lead how their life will change if they do what you are asking them.

A video will do an even better job. It should be a short video though (say less than a minute long) 

The video can make it easy for your lead to understand your value proposition, get their objections attended to, and your offer to them explained.

Now you know how your landing page should look. But how do you get it?

How do you create a landing for your crypto marketing? 

You can create a landing page from scratch. However, that requires you to be skilled in web design. 

But like many other things online, there is an option if you are not great with coding. 

And that is an online solution like Instapage, ClickFunnels, Wix and Leadpages

These solutions provide you with landing page templates suitable for different kinds of situations. 

They also give you many tools that will help you create the best landing page for your crypto advertising even when you are not an expert. 

And what they provide includes the ability to A/B test the page using real-time data once you launch it. 

Driving traffic to your landing page

Only after you’ve designed and set up a great landing page should you consider getting the traffic.

You probably know that crypto advertising and marketing comes in many forms, even within the internet space alone. 

The following are several forms of advertising you can use to reach potential customers for your crypto-related product, and we are going to explore each of them in detail:

  • Ads on publisher websites, and through ad networks
  • Content marketing and organic traffic
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Bounty campaigns
  • Promoted content
  • Social media
  • Email marketing

To be successful with cryptocurrency advertising, you have to create a good marketing strategy.

And often that involves using some or all of the above methods in a particular order to achieve maximum conversion

But what informs the means you use and in what specific order?

What guides the method of crypto advertising you use

Many variables will influence how you choose to do your crypto advertising and the tools you employ. 

However, the following stand out and seem to work in every situation.

Your product

What you are selling is perhaps the most important of the factors you need to consider before you design a crypto advertising strategy. 

Advertising an ICO is different from advertising blockchain software tools. 

The first one works well with simple ads on relevant websites through a network and a simple landing page. 

While the other might require building a long term relationship with potential buyers. 

The end goal

What do you want to achieve with your crypto marketing campaign? 

Do you want to increase visibility, get people to buy, educate them, or get them to subscribe to your email list?

Each one of these goals works best with a particular type of advertisement or a specific combination of a marketing strategy. 

For example, if you need to educate and increase the email list as your immediate or ultimate goal, it works better if you choose blogging and content marketing in general.

If your goal is to have people go directly to your landing page and be funneled to a purchasing shop, then using ads on websites or ads on social media could be what you should seriously consider. 

Your target

Who are you targeting? 

This is a very critical factor as it also determines the success you get. 

It is imperative that from the get-go, you know who you are looking to click on your ads, read your blog posts, or see your post on Instagram.

First, that helps with creating a customer persona and packaging your message appropriately. 

If you are looking to have a CEO, investor, or mass consumer act on your message, they have to feel like you indeed intended it for them.

Secondly, your target audience determines what channels you are going to use to reach them. 

If you want to reach decision-makers in institutions that might find your solution useful, then perhaps getting ad space on an online or printed magazine that caters to the industry they operate in might be what you need to consider.

Your budget

Of course, how much you are willing to spend is important. Some of the cryptocurrency marketing methods might not necessarily need to cost you money. 

For example, if you are a small startup, you may opt to have team members contribute posts that you publish on your blog, and thus attract organic traffic in the long term.

Your budget also determines whether you use the most expensive ad network with a more targeted audience or just an ad network that gives you any quality of visibility.

What makes crypto advertising unique

Before we look at each of the marketing methods that are available to you, it is important first to find out what makes crypto advertising and marketing unique. 

Or different from the marketing of other products and solutions on the internet.

The cryptocurrency technology is relatively new. And not only that, it drastically seeks to change how society works. 

For centuries we’ve been conditioned to take it for granted that it is the government alone that can issue currency. 

Bitcoin has made many of us realize that it is not the only way that society can function. We now know that a privately issued currency can also be viable.

Governments and traditional financial institutions are jittery about this. Crypto seems to threaten their rightful area of influence.

That fact alone makes crypto advertising online a challenge, especially if you want to go through the major tech companies. 

There seems to be a lot of pressure on them to censor crypto. 

In early 2018 Google and Facebook banned crypto advertising.

Facebook reversed the decision in July 2018. But advertisers have to be pre-approved, and ads promoting binary options and initial coin offerings (ICOs) remain banned on the platform.

Other platforms that have banned crypto ads include Twitter and Snapchat.

But to be fair to these platforms, we can’t point the finger to only government and the legacy financial institutions for the ban. 

There have also been genuine concerns about blockchain and crypto advertising by scammy entities on these platforms. 

With that stated, cryptocurrency advertising, even by honest business startups, has been made difficult with the bans.

Now let’s look at each of the ways you can market your crypto project, product or brand.

Ways to do crypto advertising


Ads are one of the most used ways to attract traffic.

It takes a shorter time to see success as compared to other methods such as content marketing. 

By paying a fee, you get to benefit from the traffic publishers have managed to grow with their content.

And publishers here means people and companies that have built platforms online where they share engaging content — bloggers, vloggers, etc.

Types of ads

The following a the common types of ads you can use for your crypto advertising:

Display ads

These are static images and text that are displayed on a particular dedicated point on a publisher’s platform. 

This is the oldest form of ads that marketers have used on the internet. It is always easier to create a display ad and still very effective.


These include videos, GIFs, and any other ads that are not still. Through movement, they can show more and be more persuasive than still ads.

They are, however, more challenging to create, and you may need the help of an expert to create them.

Banner ads

These can be still displays, videos or animations. 

What makes them unique is that they take the space across the top of a website. And this gives them more accessibility. 

Depending on whether they are stills or videos, it is easy or hard to create them. 


These are ads that show up at particular moments as a viewer is reading on a site, watching a video or playing a game. 

They can be still images, videos or animated, and they can pop up anywhere on the screen. 

Creation of ads 

It is important to point out that creating ads is often a very technical process and requires both the understanding of design as well as copywriting (which includes the psychology of communication.)

You can, however, create simple ads yourself using free or paid-for tools. 

While doing this, you may observe the same rules and tips explained above for landing pages.

Some of the tools you can use to design your ads include photoshop, which you install on your desktop. 

Others include SEMRush ad builder, Adobe Spark (especially for Facebook ads) and Canva, all accessible online.

If you want an ad that converts very well, you should consider hiring an expert on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

You can also choose to work with a cryptocurrency marketing agency. 

Some of the cryptocurrency marketing agencies include ICObox, Crowdcreate and WeRise

With the ads ready, it is time to place them where they can work for us and drive traffic to our landing page. 

Ad networks

These are companies that connect advertisers with publishers willing to carry ads on their websites.

The biggest ad network is Google Adwords by Google. 

One has to go through a lot of obstacles to market cryptocurrency projects using mainstream ad networks like Google Adwords. And because of that, we’ve seen the rise of cryptocurrency advertising networks.

Cryptocurrency advertising networks are online platforms that connect crypto advertisers and crypto publishers.

They also facilitate interaction and contracts between the two. 

Cryptocurrency advertising network

The following are some of the advantages of using cryptocurrency advertising network;

Takes a shorter time to be approved

It takes time and sometimes a long process to get approval on mainstream ad networks. 

It is even worse when you plan to do crypto advertising.

And because of what crypto represents, most mainstream ad networks worry about the legal ramifications. 

There are also concerns about possible scams that are executed using cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain advertising companies can understand how the systems work. 

Even though they have to guard against scams, it doesn’t slow down the process of approving ads.

The traffic is easier to convert

The cryptocurrency advertising networks work primarily with crypto industry publishers or websites that publish content around crypto stories.

That means if you do blockchain advertising through one of these networks, your ad more people who might be interested will see it.

In other words, if your ad on your new exchange and the trading platform appears on say Coindesk, Cointelegraph or CCN, then there are higher chances that the people who see it are crypto traders who may want to try it out.

Contrast that to, for example, your ad appearing on a gardening blog. The readers here will not connect with it and, therefore, might not even give it any attention.

Customer support that understands you

The customer support on the cryptocurrency advertising network understands your needs more and therefore provides the nuanced help that will see your ad give you higher returns on investment.

Also, their systems are designed to meet the specific needs of the crypto market.


Not everything is great with using a cryptocurrency advertising network. 

The one disadvantage that stands out the most is the fact that the coverage is not as extensive as compared to mainstream ad networks.

Since they work with only crypto sites, their numbers are smaller. 

There are not so many crypto sites with significant traffic. At least not yet.

Top ad cryptos ad networks

These ad networks only accept publishers carrying crypto content, and they facilitate crypto-related ads primarily.


Coinzilla launched in 2016 as part of the AdSelvo, a cryptocurrency marketing agency.

Coinzilla supports both Cost Per Click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Through this ad network, you can post nearly every ad format that exists. 

The requirements for publishers to join this network ad includes their sites being more than three months.

They also insist on excellent user experience and high loading speed on the publisher’s website.

You can make payment using Bitcoin and Ethereum. They also accept credit cards.

A-ADS launched in 2011, and it is one of the oldest networks for advertising cryptocurrency products. 

It supports cost per action (CPA) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

AD-ADS, however, has very lax requirements for publishers to join it, and that includes allowing some on free Blogspot and WordPress to join. 

It, however, offers useful tools for greater targeting such as geo, website type and traffic volume filter. It also provides quick and straightforward approval for ad accounts.

For payment, this blockchain advertising company accepts payment in Bitcoin and more than 20 other cryptocurrencies. 


Cointraffic was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. It is best known for supporting CPM ad campaigns on banner, pop-under and native ad formats.

The list of publishers that display their ads includes CryptoCompare and CoinMarketCap. 

The requirements for publishers to join the network include having a site that is more than three months old, posting regularly, and owning a purchased domain.

They accept crypto, credit card and bank transfer payments. And you can pay as little as €25.


Among all crypto ad networks, CoinAd seems to have the most strict approval requirements for the publishers. 

They only accept sites that have an Alexa of below 100k and daily impressions of more than 200. 

You can make payment using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum) PayPal and bank transfer.


This ad network was launched in 2014 and is based in London, UK.

Bitmedia claims to work with close to 4000 Crypto related websites with a total daily number of impressions of over 40 million. 

The network supports both CPC and CPM campaigns. 

It accepts payments in Bitcoin.

Propeller Ads

The ad network was founded in 2011 and is one of the oldest in the space. It claims to generate over 1 billion impressions daily and supports thousands of campaigns every month.

It operates on the CPM, CPC and CPA plans, and it supports Popunder and native push notifications ad formats.

The minimum you can deposit to start using their service is $100.

Mellow Ads 

Mellow ads launched in 2015, it facilitates both CPM and CPC and supports display, pop-ups and banner ad formats. 

It has relatively stricter requirements for the approval of publishers who want to join the network. 

The publisher must have an Alexa ranking of not more than 100,000 and be at least three months old.

You can make payments for services on this network in bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies. 


This ad network is part BitRush network. 

It is designed to work like Google AdSense. You continuously compete with other advertisers to get your ads placed on spaces. 

An advertiser is willing to pay more increases their chances of having their ads showing on some spaces. 

This ad network supports only banners. It operates on both cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) models.


Bitraffic is one of the largest crypto ad networks. It was launched in 2017 and became popular for supporting advertising campaigns for initial coin offerings (ICOs).

It operates on the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model. You can make payments in Bitcoin and over 20 other cryptocurrencies.


Adshares claims to use the blockchain technology to connect and facilitate transactions between advertisers and publishers. 

And that makes it one of the first peer-to-peer ad networks. Blockchain in advertising is, however, becoming commonplace with many startups building similar solutions.

The blockchain gives Adshares a capability to process over 1 million transfers per second. 

This is huge enough to serve a significant part of the global advertising market. 

And also, because of the technology it is using, this ad network can afford to charge the lowest fees in the industry.


This is one of the ad networks that rose during the ICO craze of 2017 and 2018. It supports banner, native ads, among other ad formats.

What you pay depends on the geographical regions you want your ads to appear. 

TokenAd supports over 25 languages, making it ideal for carrying out global campaigns. 

Factors to consider which one to use

Even though there are not many crypto ad networks, it is not easy to make a decision on which one amongst them you should pick and use.

The following pointers should help you make up your mind on which one to use;

The websites that display their ads

You should try to establish the websites on which the ads by network appear. 

You should also try to find out whether those sites have significant traffic that is likely to convert for you.

The best way to find out is to go to reviewing and rating sites like CryptoCompare and try to see what others have said about them.

You may also consider reaching out to the particular publishers you want your ads to appear on and find out what ad networks they work with.

The particular types of ads they support

We have already seen that there are different types of advertisements that ad networks support. They include display, banners, pop-ups, and more.

The cost of their services

Of course, how much they charge is another factor to consider. 

This is more to do with what you can afford to pay. It is less a parameter for gauging the best of the ad networks.

Nevertheless, ad networks with better services tend to charge higher than others.

You should also find out if they charge per revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) or through Pay per click (PPC).

Find out the requirements for onboarding publishers

This is easy to find out. Often all you have to do is to look at the publisher application form online 

The more stringent the conditions are for the publishers who want to join the ad network, the more assured you are of both the traffic volume and its quality.

Find out the quality of customer support

You want to work with a responsive ad network.

Sometimes you are going to be doing time-bound campaigns. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to struggle to get help as valuable minutes tick away.

Use ads on mainstream ad networks

While you should give crypto ad networks the priority, you may consider advertising through the mainstream ad networks.

And sometimes, it is what you are supposed to use, especially considering the type of product you are attempting to sell.

Some products, even when they are crypto-related, can have excellent results through ads appearing on non-crypto websites.

For example, if you are a crypto trading platform and your ad appeared on the Walls Street journal or Investopedia, then you still have chances of piquing interest and even a lot of traffic to your landing page.

So what are the advantages of using mainstream ad networks to advertise your crypto-related products? 

You stand to reach a wider audience with your ads. 

They have onboard millions of websites compared to hundreds that crypto ad networks manage to get.

They can expose your ads to a lot more people, including those who have never heard about crypto, but you can persuade. 

For example, you might be a relatively smaller exchange, but if someone has casually heard about bitcoin, then they see your ad on some websites they are visiting, they might get persuaded.

That might give you the first-mover advantage. They may use your service as a launchpad for their journey with crypto.


The first disadvantage of using mainstream ad networks like Google AdWords is that you might not get approved, especially if you are advertising crypto-related products.

If at all they do approve your application, it might take very long. They might also easily terminate your usage later.

The second disadvantage is that the majority of people who get exposed to your ad may have little interest in crypto.

Mainstream Ad networks that accept crypto advertising



3. Google Adsense

4. Taboola

Locally hosted ads

Ad networks are not the only options you have when it comes to having your ads on websites. 

You can talk directly to publishers and negotiate for ad spaces on their websites.

Many websites offer this service, and there are advantages of having your ad hosted locally by a website. 

Since there is no middle person who needs a cut, it is often a win-win situation for you and the publisher.

You pay less than what you would pay to an ad network, and you get a negotiated placement on the site.

Meanwhile, the publisher receives a higher payment than what the ad network would give them. 

But there are disadvantages in using locally hosted ads. 

One of those is that you need to go out there and find appropriate publishers. You need to establish communications, negotiate, and sign a contract. 

All these take time and effort. They also require some level of trust. 

You may also struggle to establish the value of the traffic the website attracts, especially given the fact that you may not have the necessary tools to help you determine this.

You may have to rely on the data that the publisher shares with you.

Use organic crypto advertising methods

As mentioned earlier, the goal of advertising and marketing determines the method you choose to use.

Maybe you seek to establish your brand for the long term. And you are looking to position yourself online in a way that will benefit your brand in the long run.

In that case, marketing strategies that will attract organic traffic to your website may be the best to use. 

These methods are particularly appropriate if your product is informational, for example, generating crypto market data and selling it.

Giving people informational helps with organic traffic, and also gives you an authority within an industry—by the way authority is another principle of persuasion, according to Cialdini.

Having worked as a content marketer for over five years, I have noticed that there is too much information online about building organic traffic. 

And much of it often ends up confusing and making things very complicated. 

I will try to make things simple here.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

But what exactly is search engine optimization, and how does it work?

Whenever someone wants to find out about something, they head to Google and type in their questions.

Google will return links to posts, videos, and podcasts that can answer their questions in the most satisfactory way.

It turns out that people type in the Google search box often the same question using the same words. 

The sentences that Google has identified as most typed are what are known as keywords or keyword phrases. 

As a publisher, if you use these keywords, your content is easily found by anyone typing them into the search box.

So as a startup that is trying to find visibility, you can find these sentences (or keywords) and create content around them.

When people query Google, it can identify your content as relevant and present it to the person who is searching. 

This will give you visibility, and potential customers who knew nothing about you would discover you.

You can easily find out what these questions (the key phrases) people search about crypto, for example, by just typing a possible question your potential customer can type and looking at the list of other search phrases that Google suggests. 

Contrary to what you might think, you do not need sophisticated tools to get the data you need. You can do an adequate search for viable keywords manually. 

Here is one of the videos that explain the concept in the best way I think:


Of course, keyword tools are also helpful. I recommend Keyword Everywhere, which is a Chrome extension. 

Once you install it and create an account, every keyword you search or the search engine suggests, you instantly get critical data about it. 

How to manually pick keywords that you stand a chance to rank

Google the keyword phrase then look for the following in the top results:

Short posts-If the top two or three results have posts that are, say, less than 1000 words, you have an opportunity to create a longer post and rank higher than them

Poorly written content-if the top articles in a search result have grammar errors, factual errors, and generally poorly constructed, you have an opportunity to create better quality content and rank higher than them.

Old posts-If posts ranking high when you search for a particular keyword phrase were published more than three years ago, then you have an opportunity to create new content and rank higher than them.

A lot of forums-If what you get when you search for a particular keyword phrase includes a high number of forum posts ranking high, then you have an opportunity to create a detailed and resourceful post and rank higher than the forum posts.

Linking to poor quality sources-Google uses many parameters to gauge the quality of a post, and one of those is the quality of the external resources that the post links.

If you notice that the posts that rank high on the particular keyword phrases link to poor resources, that means you have an opportunity to write a well-researched post, which links to credible resources and thus stand a chance to rank higher than them.

Posts by low authority domain-if your search returns posts with sites with low domain authority at the top, then it means you have an opportunity to rank higher if your article is of excellent quality. 

You may wonder how do you establish the authority of a domain. If you’ve never seen the site, that is a good initial indicator. You can also use tools like Alexa and Moz to determine site authority.

Irrelevant results- It is a good sign that there is a gap to be filled if you find that what you get after a search are unrelated to the keyword phrase you typed. You can quickly determine this if you are well conversant with the niche in which you want to rank. 

Less actionable content-If the posts that rank high do not provide the reader with clear steps they can take to solve their problem, then that is an opportunity for you to provide better quality content with practical tips for the readers. 

It is always better to choose keyword phrases that allow you to provide help to readers. 

While you can also go for a keyword that sells directly, those are more competitive. 

Providing help is a longer but less competitive path to taking your potential customers through a sales funnel. 

You can encourage them to subscribe to your email list. Then from the email list, you can channel the traffic to your landing page.

crypto advertising marketing

Backlinks for your site

As mentioned above, search engines like Google use several metrics to determine how to rank your content in search results.

One of those is backlinks. That means other websites linking to your site because they believe their readers might find something valuable on your site.

The more backlinks you get, the more visibility you stand to gain from ranking higher in Google results.

Also, the higher the quality of the domain that is giving you the backlink, the more credibility you acquire from it.

In addition to credibility, the backlink, if on a relevant site, can give you some traffic that you can, in turn, convert to sales.

But like most other ways to achieve anything online, you need to provide something precious to others before they can give you the backlinks.

That means you should provide things like practical tips, useful data, or handy tools.

You can get backlinks through mentions and news coverage. But you can also get them through guest posting.

If you are a small startup, that might seem like a huge challenge.

But if you figure out an interesting piece of content, you can share, then that is doable.

For example, you can do research and write a detailed report on a topic that might interest news sites. 

This is a strategy that always works, especially given that very few people want to spend time, money, and effort to do detailed research.

Meanwhile, everyone is interested in finding out new things, and news sites are easily convinced to cover what ‘ latest research shows.’

If you don’t have the resources to conduct thorough research and produce an exciting report, straightforward, useful content is enough.

A member of the team can write a very detailed and useful post and pitch it to the industry magazines, blogs and news sites. 

If it is published, then you are likely to get a backlink on the writer’s bio.

The mistake many people make is to pitch a post that is all about their company.

Hardly any news site, magazine or blog will publish a post in which you are talking about yourself unless it is promoted content, which we cover in the next section.

The post you pitch should give their readers value. It should not come across as a sales pitch.

Promoted content on news sites

But if you feel strongly about telling your story on a website that you do not own for more comprehensive visibility, then perhaps you should consider doing promoted content.

This is content you pay a new site, a blogger, or any other type of online platform to publish.

Because you are paying them to publish, they may allow you to write it in the way you want.

Promoted content takes many shapes. It could be a news article, a blog post, a video, or a press release.

With that stated, many news outlets are very reluctant to publish promoted content masquerading as news pieces. 

That is because it does negatively affect their credibility.

Press releases

This is a document that announces a piece of news regarding your company. It could be the launch of a new product, protocol upgrades, or a new team member.

If you know how to write a press release, you can turn it into a useful crypto advertising tool. Aside from announcing a particular item, you can use it to pitch subtly. 

If a news site picks it and decides to cover your story, then you stand to get a backlink.

To increase the chances of crypto industry magazines and news sites picking your press release, the item it covers should be fascinating.

If you are Microsoft, Google or Apple, then any small change is newsworthy. 

Major news channels would cover a change in management, the release of a new product, or even shift in company colors.

Nobody cares if you are a small crypto startup. But that does not mean there isn’t something you can do to get the media interested.

One of those is, as mentioned above, to carry out research and report on interesting trends you discover. 

Having a report from the research announced through a press release can be a great marketing strategy. 

And when the press release is ready, you can submit it to news sites like Coindesk, Cointelegraph and BitcoinMagazine.

You can also share it through press release distribution services like PRNewswire.

Email Cryptocurrency marketing

Email marketing has beaten all odds to remain relevant as an excellent marketing tool over the years.

Many times we’ve thought its time is up. But it has always proved us wrong. And it works excellent for crypto advertising. 

But why is email still so effective when used for marketing?

Email remains an important communication channel, especially for official reasons. 

And therefore, most of us are forced to check the inbox now and then.

Also, people receive a message sent through email as very personal. 

It is easier for someone to feel like it was really meant for them as compared to, for example, with ads.

But before you can send an email to your target audience, you need their address.

And so it turns out that it is an arduous work to persuade potential customers to give you their email address, which you will add to a list then use it to send them information.

If you are like everyone else, you are sensitive to giving out your email address, especially to an entity that you know wants to make a sale.

But collecting email addresses is doable, and millions of entities are doing it every day. 

But how can so many entities still manage to accumulate email addresses?

They apply another of the powerful principles of persuasion highlighted by Robert Cialdini. 

And that is the principle of reciprocity. 

It turns out that as humans, we are always wired to want to pay back those who do good things to us.

The urge to do something good in return is always strong.

And that is why giving something for free to your potential customers is a great marketing tool. 

The free thing could be a few of your native coins or tokens. It could also be a well-done report on the trends in the crypto market.

When you request an email address while giving out a free thing, the potential customer will not hesitate to provide it.

Of course, not everyone will give you the email even after you provide them with something valuable for free, but you will get a good number who will.

Once you have the email address, do not misuse it. Try to balance between sharing some more value and making a sales pitch.

For example, if you are an exchange, you can create a data summary of the daily market trades and share the report through the email list.

You may also put together a news roundup of events that are likely to influence price movements. 

Those on your email list will appreciate it, and if you happen to ask them to buy something from you, they will consider it and even buy it as a payback for your good deeds.

Social media

Depending on who you ask, social media is a waste of time, or it is a critical tool in your crypto advertising strategy. 

But whether social media is important or not depends on the following factors;

Who you are trying to target 

If the kind of people you are targeting hangout in particular social media platforms, then you may consider following them there.

What is your goal

Do you want to create a community around your project, or you want people you interest in making a purchase or creating an account, and that is all you need from them?

The value you expect

Do you need visibility, immediately converting leads or tools to manage a fanbase?

It is important to point out that some social media platforms, in particular, Facebook have restrictions on crypto-related content. 

Let’s look at some of the social media platforms that are used most for crypto advertising and marketing.


This social media platform has become very popular with crypto startups for several reasons. 

One, it gives you a direct communication channel with potential customers or users.

Two, it provides all the tools you may need to build a community of enthusiastic fan base through the group feature. 

The groups on Telegram can have an unlimited number of members. 

Three, the platform allows for the deployment of bots. And that includes some that moderate and engage the communities in meaningful ways.


This is a social media that is great for inserting your project into relevant public discourses and conversations. 

A lot of conversations around crypto trends are happening a lot on twitter. If you want to be noticed by industry influencers, other startups, and crypto enthusiasts, Twitter is a place to be.

It is also an excellent place to ride on hashtags and share the content you publish elsewhere.


Reddit has been the home to serious discussions about the technical aspects of crypto projects. 

The Bitcoin Subreddit is one of the oldest online crypto forums.

There are tens of other crypto-related subreddits where discussions happen on various topics and projects. 

You can join these debates and share your contributions to the crypto space.

You should, however, be aware that the crypto communities on Reddit don’t approve of content shared for brand promotion. 

So join the conversation to engage and not crypto advertising or just talking about yourself. But still, this can give you a lot of visibility.

For more aggressive promotional content, you may opt to create your subreddit and attract your fanbase over there.

Aside from giving your brand visibility, links shared on Reddit from your blog are great at giving you credibility with search engines like Google.

Forums (Bitcointalk)

Bitcointalk is a forum that was created specifically for Bitcoin, as the name suggests, but over the years, topics about other crypto projects have become commonplace. 

Most discussions that happen here revolve around technical aspects of projects. 

So it is an excellent place to join and share with the community the technical aspects of your project and what you have achieved.

Users on the platform acquire signatures that go with their comments, and they can display promotional content on the signature.

As a brand, if you manage to acquire the right account, you can post ads about your project on your signature, which then appears on every post or comment you make.

You can also approach other users and pay them to carry your ads on their signatures so that wherever they engage in conversations, your brand gets some visibility.


Quora is a platform where experts create accounts and then answer the questions that other users ask around their area of expertise.

Members of your team can create an account on this platform and answer the questions often asked about crypto, blockchain, and decentralized applications.


It is important to point out that moderators on Quora do not appreciate content that seems to promote brands.

But you can answer questions and mention your brand when it is relevant. 

The links you get from Quora can go along way in giving content on your blog or elsewhere a lot of credibilities.

You can also get some traffic that you may end up converting.

Cryptocurrency Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way you can advertise and market your project. 

It is a lot more effective because you incentives your customers, publishers, and others to spread the word for you and convert sales.

But what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where you promise to pay a commission to those who manage to make a sale for you.

The rudimentary case of affiliate marketing for cryptocurrency could be where you tell your fan base that you will give them a percentage from a successful lead that becomes a sale.

A highly systemized case is where you develop an exclusive portal where they can sign up and generate unique links.

They share these personalized links, and the system knows who introduced who and rewards them accordingly.

Within the crypto space, many brands run in-house cryptocurrency affiliate marketing programs. 

The list has names like Coinbase, Localbitcoins, Trezor and Ledger. 

Like there are ad networks that help brands advertise, there are also crypto affiliate networks.

Some of the major cryptocurrency affiliate marketing networks include:

Also, many of the mainstream affiliate networks do support crypto-related programs. 

Some of those include Clickbank, Offervault and Spicyoffers. 

Bounty Campaigns

Crypto bounty campaigns are a form of cryptocurrency affiliate marketing. 

This form of marketing became popular in 2017 with the rise of initial coin offerings (ICOs). 

Startups realized that they got a lot of success with their marketing when they set aside a percentage of their coins and gave them out to those who helped spread the word for them.

It also helps with other things, such as incentivizing the community to report bugs to your dev team.

Social media and forums are vast drivers of bounty campaigns. Bitcointalk, in particular, is known to host and facilitate these campaigns. Users with signatures are paid with bounty coins to carry messages on the signature. 

A variation of the bounty campaign is an airdrop. This is where a startup rewards everyone who either signs up or even joins their Telegram group with some free coins. Those who receive the coins become stakeholders in the project and therefore take it upon themselves to advertise the project. 


To succeed with crypto advertising and marketing, one needs a comprehensive strategy, and that involves taking many parts and putting them together in a way that produces efficiency. This guide has provided you with most of the parts you need to build a successful marketing strategy. 

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